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I’m long overdue posting on my WordPress. The past year has been a whirlwind filled with study of a Masters degree in Writing for Children. I’m now working in a school and today a class inspired me with their poems to jump back on the creative writing bandwagon and craft my own poem. This one is based on the ‘Magic Box’ poem by Kit Wright. Enjoy!

I will put in the box

The enchanting emeralds of the Furatena mountains,
Glowing as green as a field full of fireflies,
Their tears weeping in the wind.
And the great waving wings of butterflies fluttering through the crowded caves, Whispering words of wisdom

A cloth bound journal,
Filled to the brim with stories as sacred as the silent night sky,
Its pages peeling in the yellow tinted corners

A stealthy Siberian cat, poised and ready to pounce on a most unsuspecting mouse,
Her tail swishing in silent anticipation

The memories of a challenging childhood filled with love and laughter,
The thoughts of a dreamer and believer,
And the wishes of a worrier coated in hope

A watch that’s lost its tick,
A compass that’s found its way,
A candle with a flame that flicks,
And an abundance of love that’s here to stay

My box is covered with the feathers of a soft pillow,
It’s hinges creaking as loud as a whisper,
I carry my box wherever I go,
Its weight as heavy as the beat of my heart