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My mouth agape I just stared at Sophie, wide eyed and trembling. She explained her vision to complete perfection it sent chills down my spine. I tried to regain my composure and as I was about to speak, a familiar face approached, belonging to none other than Claudia.
“You girls are taking forever, come on!” Her tone was jovial until she saw the look of horror on my face. “What is it?” Her eyes burned into mine as she pursed her lips before looking to Sophie then back to me again.
I promised Sophie I wouldn’t say anything more and I would keep that promise. I regained my composure. “I just realised I forgot to complete some work in the library today which is due tomorrow.” I grabbed a teaspoon from the cutlery tray, quickly adding in sugar to each mug whilst Sophie grabbed the kettle and poured in the water after. Neither of us made eye contact with Claudia.
“Josy, remember what I said in the library. If you need to borrow my books to help with your work, you can come up to my room later and I’ll help.” She offered again, forcing a smile upon her face.
“Um, thanks Claudia, but I’m quite tired so I’ll get an early night and wake up early in the morning.” I glanced briefly at Sophie and heard a small sigh of relief leave her mouth. “Can you grab the milk please, Soph.” I asked, desperate to avoid any more questions from Claudia who was clearly digging for information.
Sophie grabbed the milk carton and poured a little into each mug.
“Would you mind taking these please?” I handed two mugs to Claudia who took them reluctantly, not wanting to leave myself and Sophie alone for a moment longer. The three of us walked back to the chairs where Emily, Olivia and Rebecca were nattering away with the television on in the background.
My mind was reeling after Sophie’s reveal. I desperately wanted to speak to her alone again and talk to her about what she had seen. Her words just kept replaying in my mind over and over.
“I was out in the corridor at night, I needed to use the bathroom and something caught my eye. As I looked, there was a young girl holding a creepy looking doll, I thought perhaps it was just another student heading to the bathroom too, but when I looked closer I didn’t recognise her and I felt really uneasy. She… I mean she seemed so real, but it became so so cold, I could see my own breath in the air.”
I remembered back to my own experience as I stared out the window at a young girl holding a doll and my confusion over whether this girl was a student or a ghost. Even though I closed my eyes briefly, there was no way she could have ran away fast enough. Or the previous night when she appeared in my bedroom behind Emily as she looked out the window towards me. This same girl that Sophie described with such clarity was a ghost and there was no doubting it.
Her words were almost enough to send me running back to my bedroom to hide under my covers if I hadn’t seen the same girl myself, but it was her next words that caught me off guard and were completely unexpected.
“She wasn’t alone, I realised. Someone came from behind her, only…” She stammered.
“Only what?” My ears were peeled as my heart hammered against my chest, eyes focused on Sophie’s.
“It was a boy. A young boy about the same height as her. As he walked over, he grabbed her hand and they both looked at me, smiling.”
I was speechless. A boy. But this was a girls boarding school, why would there be a boy ghost, let alone a boy in the first place?
“I closed my eyes briefly.” Sophie continued. “Only for a couple of a seconds and when I opened them they were gone. It just didn’t make sense, they just vanished without a sound or anything.” Sophie’s hands were beginning to shake, clearly traumatised by the experience and I could understand why.
I thought seeing the girl with the doll was scary enough, but to see her with a boy. It was at that moment, as I looked toward Sophie I realised that even more secrets were piling up high, secrets I just had to find out and perhaps she, not Claudia, could be the one to help.