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She was looking down at me, her eyes piercing through the lit up bedroom straight into my own down below. Three windows up and six windows across from the left of the building. That was mine and Emily’s bedroom, and that was Emily staring straight out of it. I thought about waving to her, and just as I was about to, I froze in terror. A figure appeared right behind her, a small girl, holding a familiar looking doll.
My mouth agape and eyes bulging out, I desperately wanted to head back inside to the both of them, but instead I found my feet cemented to the field as if the girl had ordered the grass beneath me to emit a sticky glue, causing it to dry to the soles of my slippers. It kept a tight hold of me, as if preventing me from running inside to mine and Emily’s room or finding out more of the schools mysteries.
After a few minutes, she closed the blinds and I was left standing in the dark empty field, staring up at the now darkened out window in shock. There was no sign of life around me. My surroundings emanating a loud eerie silence. The trees from the woods were still from fear rather than from the lack of wind, holding in their breath as if they’d just witnessed something truly terrifying and didn’t want to draw attention to themselves.
I looked down at my feet, urging them to lift from the grass. Slowly the glue gave way and as soon as I was free from its grip I ran to the same door I came through, shutting it quickly behind me and leaning against it and gasping for breath whilst fighting back tears.
As my heart rate slowed to an acceptable rhythm and I regained some element of composure, I climbed the stairs in the dark as fast as my feet would carry me, not daring to look behind me in case something grabbed me, pulling me back down the stairs to smother me into its embrace of horror and dark despair.
When I made it through the door leading to the dormitory corridor, I headed straight for mine and Emily’s room, careful to open it without drawing attention from the surrounding rooms.
When I walked in I found Emily tucked up peacefully in bed as if I hadn’t just seen her and the girl glaring at me from our bedroom window as I stood helpless and motionless down below just moments ago.
I switched on the light before storming over to her, shaking her awake vigorously. “Emily! Emily!” I was almost shouting and would have if it wasn’t for the fellow students sleeping mere metres away in the neighbouring rooms.
“Emily!” I continued, until she eventually stirred awake, looking at me, expressionless like the previous night. “Wake up Emily!” I continued, until she eventually blinked and yawned, showing signs of life after all. “What’s wrong Josy, I’m trying to sleep.” She slurred in a muffled voice full of interrupted sleep.
“I saw you! Staring at me through the window! The girl with the doll behind you” I exclaimed, expecting her to know who I was talking about.
“What? What are you on about, Josy?” Emily asked, as she slowly lifted the cover off of her and swung her feet over the edge of the bed, landing them gently on the soft, blue rug laid neatly across our bedroom floor.
“Just now, I was out on the field and you were looking down at me from the window and she was standing behind you, before you turned away and closed the curtains! How can you not remember, you were both just there!”
Emily looked silently into my eyes, clearly contemplating whether I had lost my mind. “You’ve just had a bad dream, get back into bed, it’ll be okay.” She eventually said as she stood up, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards my own bed like a protective mother would after their child climbed into their bed after having a horrible nightmare.
“It happened, Emily, I wasn’t dreaming.” I said feeling exhausted, but giving in and pulling off my soiled slippers, before climbing back under my own duvet, as she then headed to turn off the light and climb back into her own bed. “Night, Josy, we’ll talk in the morning,” and just like that she drifted straight back off to a peaceful sleep as if I hadn’t just shaken her awake in the middle of the night.
I looked at my clock and the time read 12:14am. Had I really been outside for over an hour? I sat up, turning on my light and grabbing my diary to once again document what had happened tonight, re-reading and absorbing each and every word.
I put my diary away, switched off the light and turned over. I lay awake on my right side, my back against the wall so that I could see my surroundings, urging sleep to grab me in to its clutches but it refused. My mind had been doing somersaults since I arrived here a mere three days ago, images of the girl and the doll churning away. I was missing home a great deal and just wanted to go back and be with my parents. They sent me to this boarding school with the impression that it would help ground me and protect me from the supernatural aura phenomena that had materialised in the media. Little did they know they would be sending me straight into its strong binding grip. So far, all I had learnt was that ghosts really did exist and I was now one of the few with the aura that allowed me to see and sense them.
I almost felt like ringing my parents and begging them to take me back to a life where I remained ignorant to the supernatural world, a world my parents refused to embrace since many members of the general public admitted to having this aura, but like Claudia, I truly believed now and had to accept that it was becoming a part of who I am.
As I stared toward Emily across the room, it was clear that the supernatural world affected her in ways she wasn’t aware of and I would do what was necessary to find out how and why. I would find out on my own who this girl was and what her significance was. I wouldn’t let myself be controlled by this anymore.