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The time was 3.07am. I closed my eyes again in an attempt to drift back off to sleep but it was no use, the room had turned too warm. I pulled back the duvet and climbed out of bed, heading towards the window to jar it wide open. I leaned out of it, gazing into the large field which our bedroom window overlooked. At the far end you could see the fence which separated the school field from the surrounding woods. I gazed out, thinking back to the attic, wondering if Claudia had shown the abandoned room to anyone else and how she had even gained access to the key without getting caught by the headmistress or teachers.
I began to take slow deep breaths of the fresh air into my lungs before slowly exhaling. I closed my eyes and repeated this a couple more times before opening them again. As I did, something in the field caught my eye. At the far right by the edge of the fence, I could see a small silhouette of a person. I froze, who on earth could be out there at this time of the night? I couldn’t tear my eyes away, or bury a suspicion that whoever it was, was staring directly at me as my head hung out the window. I continued to stare, frozen in my spot when they started walking towards the school dormitory building. As it neared, the silhouette came into focus and I could see the figure of a girl with shoulder length curly hair wearing a nightie with bare feet. She stopped. I could see her eyes staring up at me, but my eyes were drawn to her arms which clutched something close to her chest and my heart started to race. It was a doll, similar in size as the one in the attic. As I teared my eyes away from the doll and looked up at her, I could faintly make out a smile spread across her face; it sent a chill down my spine and I began to feel uneasy. I closed my eyes, counted to three and when I opened them again she was gone. My mind began to race and I felt utterly terrified. Was she a student or the ghost of the girl who had been locked in the attic? It couldn’t have been her, Claudia never mentioned seeing her or any other ghosts, just Mrs Jeffrey and it clearly wasn’t her.
I quickly closed the window and drew the curtains closed as my breathing got heavier. I rushed back to my bed, climbing under the covers, before stretching my hand out and turning on my bedside lamp. I couldn’t bare to be in the dark at the moment after what I just witnessed. I looked over at Emily and she began to stir. I didn’t care if the light woke her up, in fact I wanted her to wake up so I could talk to her.
“Emily”. I whispered, but there was no response. “Emily.” I tried again. Still no response. I gazed up at the ceiling, too scared to go back to sleep. I was just about to grab my diary when I looked over at Emily and she was staring directly at me, not saying a word, causing me to jump out my skin. “Emily, you scared me! I didn’t think you were awake.” Still no response. “Emily?” I slowly got out of bed, walking towards her and her eyes followed me, but she still didn’t speak a word. “Emily!” I almost shouted, and shook her vigorously, but she just stared wide eyed at me before turning over and falling back to sleep. “Emily,” I cried, shaking her again, but she didn’t stir, instead breathing lightly as she usually did. I got back into bed, sniffling, and pulled the cover right over my head. I wasn’t going to turn the light out tonight. I took slow breaths in and out, trying to calm myself down. This was my second night here and already I had felt one ghost and seen another, I was sure of it now. Claudia was right, I had the aura, the ability, as much as I wanted to deny it. I braved myself to grab my diary from out of the covers and began to quickly scribble notes down about the rough timings of my encounters and what had happened.


I closed the diary and put it back on my bedside table. I’d be sure to continue to document everything paranormal that happened from now on.

I started to feel a bit calmer as my eyes began to drift. I still didn’t dare turn off my lamp, finding its brightness reassuring. I looked over at Emily who was still fast asleep, wondering what on earth had happened to her. My eyes eventually closed willingly into darkness as dreams came to take me away into their clutches for the remainder of the night.


My eyes opened, slowly trying to adjust to the brightness filling our small room as the birds chirped their morning tune outside our window.
“Morning!” Beamed Emily, as she walked back into our bedroom after having a shower. “Sleep well?”
“Not really. You?”
“Yes, lovely sleep thanks! Why didn’t you sleep well? When I woke your lamp was on, I turned it off.”
She clearly didn’t remember me waking her up last night. I debated whether to mention to her what I had seen, but I decided against it, remembering what Claudia said about her not understanding. “Oh. I had some weird dreams last night, I woke up to write them in my diary and must have fallen asleep before turning the light out.” I lied. “What’s our first lesson today?” I asked, before she could ask me any further questions.
“We have morning assembly at 9am, followed by English then P.E. You better get ready so we can head down for breakfast.”

I made a mental note not to mention anything at the breakfast table and vowed to speak to Claudia as soon as I could get her alone, perhaps she could shed some light on last night and what I had seen. I could only hope.