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Proceed with caution for this post is dark and full of eight legged crawlies

Anyone who knows me knows of my unbearable detestation towards the eight legged rascals. My phobia has become such that as I drift to sleep in the early hours of the night, my walls and bed become covered in the hairy monstrosities that I bolt right up screaming and gasping before sprinting to the door to switch on the light. It takes about ten seconds for my eyes to adjust and for them to crawl away into oblivion. Yes that’s right, they aren’t real, but simply a nuisance fabricated by my overactive imagination. I have no fondness towards the frequency of such a horror, but it is one both myself and my partner have learnt to accept. My fear materialised when I was very young, but it brought back a childhood memory when I would religiously watch a television programme called Spider, a musical cartoon about a young boy who fears a spider in the bath but over the course of the series they become quite the chums.

If I haven’t scared you off already, below is a fun little poem that might just send you over the edge and running for dear life! If I promise never to post about them again will you come back?

She lay in bed to rest her head,
This moment she did simply dread,
For slumber shrieked it’s night time tune,
And the little rascals were due quite soon,
Spider, spider on the wall,
One leg, two legs, eight legs crawl,
He brought his friends to come and play,
A show they will put on display,
Spiders wearing roller skates,
Even balancing sticks of plates,
Sticky webs were weaved up high,
They clearly weren’t ready to say goodbye,
Spiders spiders please don’t stay,
Please would you just go away,
Crawling here, crawling there,
Even crawling in my hair,
You’ve had your fun and webs were spun,
Now it’s time for you to run,
As if by magic the rascals faded,
Who would have thought I’d been invaded