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As part of my writing journey, I have endeavoured to set myself challenges that will allow my writing to flourish, so that in a years time when I have completed my Masters I will be able to see how far I have come.

I recently embarked upon an online course at FutureLearn, the course entitled Start Writing Fiction. Albeit slow to the game, starting shortly after the course itself finished, I intend fully to complete this in my own time.

One particular challenge was to write a paragraph using descriptive words to develop a character, concentrating on appearance and mannerisms.

Though not necessarily related to YA, it is a learning curve nonetheless.

A women stood at the edge of the road, wearing a pink striped woollen hat. Her hair, golden brown curls, flowed from underneath down to the middle of her back, waving subtly through the cold windy air. The coat she wore, beige in colour, bore a black stripe down each arm from the shoulder to the wrist. Her blue jeans flared at the top of her white trainers. The women, who was deep in thought, looked wistfully ahead when a small smile broke through as she bit down gently on her finger nail. Within seconds the smile vanished and was replaced with a worrisome expression and after a split second, she turned around pacing quickly in the opposite direction. Her legs took long hasty strides towards a phone box, where she proceeded to step inside, picking up the phone and appearing as if to make a call, but looking cautiously around her as if someone was looking to find her.