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Poetry has never been my forte, but one I’m willing to take a stab at. Below is a little something I have worked on this evening and whilst it is by no means perfect I am braving to submit it here for you to see.

The stars gleaming up above, beside the moonlit night,
Branches swaying in the wind, whispering muffled thoughts,
Still she stood, for she did not want to fright,
The beautiful silhouette on legs of four,

Yellow eyes gleaming and mischievous,
She sensed the hunger emanate,
Inside deep down a touch of wistfulness,
Was one about to meet their fate

Paws tread forward cautiously,
A wicked glare one must express,
A slow movement, her hand outstretched delicately,
When sharp teeth sunk deep into tender flesh

Trustworthy she felt dropping to the ground,
Eyes sparkling back gently,
What a treasure to have found,
A wild animal staring so intently

The flesh oozing from its jaw, gratefulness perceived,
For a morsel of nourishment to help it through ’til dawn,
The daily struggle she could not conceive,
Of which she desired to be gone

Fur as red as sunset and silky to the skin,
A companion was born of the night,
For she herself was wild and akin,
Together they would end their plight