This is my first official blogpost and as someone who has never participated in blogging previously, I have to say this whole process seems rather daunting. So, what better way to start off a blog than to explain why I’m starting it in the first place.

Only two months ago, I was speaking to my lovely partner about how much I would love to undertake a creative writing course. What spurred this interest you ask? As an introvert, I have always struggled to articulate my thoughts in speech, and have always found catharsis from writing my thoughts down. It wasn’t until my later years during my time volunteering in a school, that I discovered my interest in writing fiction; helping and reading the works of young 7 and 8 year olds as imaginative ideas bounced from their minds onto paper, developing their own stories, I thought to myself, “I can do this”. Ever since I have aimed to write my own stories, drawing inspiration from my own childhood and over-active imagination.

After leaving education six years ago I am now going to fulfil my desire to study a creative writing course. I am returning as a mature student to study a Masters in Writing for Children at the University of Winchester, an opportunity that I simply could not pass up and one of which excites me to the core. My interests lie in fantasy for teens and young adults, however I do hope to broaden my knowledge and skill in other genres.

This blog will serve as a means to share my creative work, any thoughts I have related to writing and I even hope to start reviewing the books that I read, all in preparation for the start of my course in September.

Adios, until my next post.